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Beat the Xmas sales dip by planning with the Buddy!

No other optical marketing provider gives you this much choice of material to ensure you can tailor your marketing this final quarter to ensure you have a successful December and New Year. Maximising sales during December is key to ensuring that you minimise any slowdown. Couple this strategy with an aggressive campaign and you are going to stay well ahead of your competitors. We have sale templates, event templates, contact lens templates, trade-in templates, discount templates, seasonal promotions, upselling templates...... the list goes on and on. The image below shows just some of the campaign options you can use.

We also have 100s of specific recall and database templates to complement your chosen campaign(s).

What is the cost? About the same as for your daily latte!

Even better, you can have free access to our service for 2-weeks - including use of our dashboard templates for letters, postcards and email.

Why not give us a try? Sign up for a free trial today - and ensure your practice has a happy Xmas!

Beat the Xmas sales dip with the Buddy