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Welcome to the single, largest library of marketing and patient communication materials in the Optical Industry

We aren't kidding. There are literally thousands of products available to you when you become a Buddy marketing subscriber. We arrange them in easy-to-browse campaigns under very specific headings: Eyestyle dispensing; Seasonal materials; Contact Lens campaigns; General marketing; NHS; Optometry & reputation and Sunglasses.

You can now compete with the massive marketing budgets of the large, national chains quite easily with professional, powerful and integrated marketing campaigns!

Think of the Buddy as your marketing swiss army knife. We have an artwork solution for pretty much every situation your practice may find itself in, whether it be a lack of patients, not making enough from those that you have, issues with reputation or simply very stiff competition.

Just be honest with yourself: you have more than enough to deal with running your practice and seeing patients. Yet the single most important thing you can do to grow your practice and its profits is to ensure that you undertake professional marketing on an ongoing basis. That's right: ongoingAn occasional leaflet drop is a waste of time. Putting a supplier's flyer on your reception desk is not marketing. Every medium you have which existing or prospective patients might come into contact with needs to reflect your identity, your uniqueness, your commitment to professional excellence. You are simply not going to make that work with a freebie poster from your favourite supplier a couple of times a year. What about Email? What about Social Media? You get all of it with the Buddy!

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