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Recall Reinvented

Like death and taxes, Recall is something that you simply have to do, month after month, year after year. It is an important function of any optical practice and doing it well or simply just doing it - can make a big difference to practice profitablility. It is a form of marketing, albeit one that the recipient has given you permission to undertake as part of your ongoing relationship. So, it is very much "relationship marketing" although many optical practices view it principally as a clinical obligation.

It isn't a cheap activity. Whether you do it completely in-house or use a third-party production facility, you are probably sending a letter or postcard at least once and probably two or three times to encourage a patient to return for (primarily) an eye examination. The postage alone, let alone the materials involved and your time, make every one of those communications, quite a considerable investment.

So, it makes a lot of sense to try to make sure that you get it right first time - that the recipient actually responds by making an appointment or returning to the practice.

Options for communication

Traditionally, letters have dominated recall. Since a letter requires the recipient to take the decison to open it and having done so, feel sufficiently motivated to act upon it - what that letter looks like and what it conveys are very important. Too often, Opticians assume that simply requesting a client return for an eyetest will be enough to make them do it. The truth however is that many patients will not see getting their eyes re-tested as any kind of a priority and it may take several letters to make them finally pick up the phone. We have addressed this known response by incorporating professional graphics into all of our letter templates, making the reader pay attention beyond simply reading the letter itself.

More recently, postcards have become popular. They are not really much cheaper to produce, but they provide a more visually stimulating impact immediately upon arrival - or at least, they should do. Our postcards have been proven to improve response by up to 30% above traditional, (non graphical) letters.

Email is another channel that you can use to communicate with and it has 2 distinct advantages: firstly, it is very much cheaper to deliver and secondly, you are able to receive feedback on exactly how many (and who) opened it, whether there were any bounced addresses or people unsubscribing. Sometimes, experience suggest which type of medium suits which clients and the Buddy has it all covered.

Point and Click

The Buddy Recall platform provides templates for generic and seasonal recall across, letters, postcards and email (and Facebook campaigns). All visually stunning and proven to work - and new templates being added evey month. All you need to provide to use the system are the patient details in a simple csv, xls or xlsx (Excel) file format - which pretty much all management systems are capable of outputting. You point at the particular template you require, upload your addresses and you get to see a visual proof before sending. Easy to do and more cost-effective than anything you could manage yourself. We take the hard work out of recall.



We don't sell our templates. But we do provide them free to all subscribers to use with our platform. Our entry level subscription (Recall Solutions) gives you access to generic & seasonal postcards, letters and email, including Timeline - for quarterly based patient communication and a range of database marketing templates too. You also have access to our Facebook library of campaigns. Our professional marketing subscription (Buddy Professional) also includes all forms of recall, Facebook and Database.

View our template examples and if you would like a more in-depth look at the materials, sign up then subscribe for a free trial.

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