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Market Professionally with the Buddy

 If you are serious about developing your practice, it means ensuring that all possible points of contact with existing patients and new prospects are used to maximum efffect. So, your marketing needs to be reflected in all media: store merchandising; website; facebook, mobile, database and in local media, like adverts or distributed leaflets.

Having worked hard to gain new patients, you also need to try to ensure that they stay with you. Recall is therefore a vital part of practice activity which, when undertaken effectively, can ensure a steady stream of appointments. To assist you in delivering reliable results, we have developed 100s of powerful templates which have considerable visual impact. These are provided as postcards, A4 letters or email. All you need to provide in order to take advantage of our system is an address file in Excel format or as a CSV (you should be able to output such a file from your practice management system). It is all run from within your Buddy dashboard and is, to all intents and purposes - a simple point and click approach.


View our recall system for letters and postcards:

We provide you with a free month's trial of the recall system so you can familiarise yourself with it and see how effective it is. When you opt for an Annual subscription, you also get £100 credit every month to spend on any artwork (equivalent to 6 separate products), plus you also get access to personalisation services.
Subscription Options

All subscriptions are provided on the basis of an exclusive territory for the duration of the particular subscription - ensuring that none of your competitors are able to access our extensive library of materials.